Party Activity, Unstuffed Plush Toy Animal Kits

How to Create your own Stuffable Animals Party Fuzzies!

Unstuffed Plush Animal Kits
#1 Choose your Fuzzy and Stuff it
Unstuffed Plush Animal Kits
#2 Give your Fuzzy a Heart, and Close Fuzzy

Stuffable Plush Party Favors
#3 Give Fuzzy a Hug and take Fuzzy home

Unstuffed Plush Animal Kits!


We deliver to your door Unstuffed Plush Animal Kits, Stuffable pets, unstuffed pets, or unstuffed plushies called Party Fuzzies! Make-A-Pet is a family owned business creating “Party Fuzzies in a Box.” We want to make party planning easy and lots of fun, anywhere you want! Nevertheless, your guest will enjoy creating their own lovable Fuzzy to take home with them. Great for anyone 3 years and older!

Make-A-Pet unstuffed plush Animal kits are the perfect activity for birthdays, holidays, baby showers, school events, corporate events, child day care facilities (see article here), organizations, fundraisers, charities and so much more. For that reason, people of all ages will love these cute little fuzzies. Especially, you can host your event anywhere you want. The “T-Shirt Kit” includes unstuffed animals, stuffing to share, adoption certificates, hearts for your “Party Fuzzy”, white t-shirts, and washable markers to custom design your white T-Shirt for your new Fuzzy adding even more fun and creativity to your event.

We want to make Birthday Parties and Party Events, easy, different, unique, memorable, affordable, special and, most importantly — lots of fun! Additionally, our Party Fuzzies are hand stuffable with no sewing required. Without any doubt, “Party Fuzzy kits are enjoyed by everyone 3 years and older. In fact, enjoy a “Make-A-Pet” Party anywhere you want. You choose which animals you want, we pack them and send them out! Moreover, hosting a party with these cute little stuaffable pets (also called plushies, animals or Fuzzies) as an activity can be a unique and entertaining way to celebrate any special occasion. Above all, you can create memories that will be loved and enjoyed for years to come. Thank you for stopping by Make-A-Pet!


Happy Birthday Guests with Make-A-Pet Party Pack Kit (Sept. 2023)

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