Fun with Walking Tacos

Fun with Walking Tacos

Get ready for a taste sensation like no other fun with Walking Tacos, the ultimate portable and customizable meal. Whether you’re at a picnic, tailgate party, or simply craving a quick and easy dinner option, Walking Tacos are the perfect solution. The best part? The endless variety of topping options that will take your taste buds on a flavor-filled journey. Let’s dive into the world of fun with Walking Tacos toppings and discover the tantalizing possibilities that await!

For Starters

First up, let’s talk about the classic toppings. Start with a favorite individual sized bag of crispy corn chips, cut across the top and folded over for support, and then load them up with seasoned ground beef cooked to perfection. Top it off with shredded lettuce for a refreshing crunch, diced tomatoes for a burst of freshness, and a dollop of sour cream for a creamy finish. These classic toppings will never disappoint and are sure to satisfy your craving.

Feeling a bit adventurous?

It’s time to explore some unique and exciting topping combinations. Also, spice things up with some zesty salsa for an extra kick or add a spoonful of guacamole for a creamy and rich flavor. For those who love a bit of heat, sprinkle on some sliced jalapeƱos or drizzle on some hot sauce. The combination of flavors and textures will leave your taste buds dancing with joy.

A Burst of Freshness

If you’re looking to add a burst of freshness, consider adding some crisp diced bell peppers or sweet corn kernels. Moreover, these vibrant veggies will add a delightful crunch and a touch of sweetness to your Walking Taco. Don’t forget to sprinkle on some shredded cheese, whether it’s cheddar, Monterey Jack, or a blend of both. The ooey-gooey goodness will take your Walking Taco to the next level of deliciousness.

A Meaty Twist

For those seeking a meaty twist, why not pile on some sizzling bacon bits or crumbled chorizo? The smoky and savory flavors will elevate your Walking Taco experience and leave you craving more. And if you’re a cheese lover, go all out with a generous drizzle of queso sauce. The velvety cheese goodness will make every bite a cheesy delight.


With Walking Tacos, the topping options are limited only by your imagination. Whether you stick with the classics or venture into new and exciting flavor combinations, the journey of creating your perfect Walking Taco is half the fun. These portable tacos are perfect for picnics, parties, preschool events, daycare events, or even a quick bite during a hike. So grab your corn chips, gather your favorite toppings, and embark on a taste adventure like no other. Get ready to savor the incredible flavors that Walking Tacos have to offer!

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