Panda Bears Party Kit – 10 Pack


Ten 10” Panda Bears (Optional White T-shirts with Markers) with Stuffing, Adoption Certificates, & Hearts.  Also includes Directions.  See description below for additional details.

Tote varieties also available and additional Party Fuzzies, please select small box next to items you wish to include with your order.
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This little panda in the Panda Bears Ten Pack Party Kit is gentle and sweet and ready for hugs!

Our Panda Bears Party Kit comes with the following to Make you own Stuffable Plushie!:

  • (10) 10” Panda Bears  (T-Shirts optional pull down) – Black and white plush, Zip with Velcro on the back, Plastic eyes, 100% Polyester Cotton, Standing position
  • (10) Adoption Certificates
  • (10) Felt Hearts
  • (4) Bags of Stuffing for 10 Party Fuzzies (soft – Non-allergenic)
  • (1) Directions for Party Fuzzies
  • * T-Shirt Option (Selectable pull down item):  (10) White T-Shirts & (2) Washable Marker 8-packs.  Fun Activity to add to the Party Kit!


Especially, great for kids parties, Birthday Parties, Pre-school Parties, Daycare, School Events, Charity Events, Summer Camps, Holiday Gatherings, and much, much more. This Black and White Bunny is just too cute and is ready to go with you! Moreover, soft and lovable and will want to be with you all day. Makes the perfect gift for gift giving for a fun kids activity.

Fascinating Facts About Pandas

Pandas stand out as one of the most endearing and enchanting species.  So, they are among the many captivating creatures that roam our planet. Native to the bamboo forests of China, these charming bears have intrigued humans for centuries. Their adorable appearance is well-known. Also, there are numerous obscure and fascinating facts about pandas that remain a mystery to many. We’ll delve into the world of pandas, uncovering interesting tidbits that will leave you in awe of these magnificent creatures.

Pandas Diet

First and foremost, pandas belong to the bear family, Ursidae. These captivating creatures are classified as carnivores, even though their diet primarily consists of bamboo, transitioning seamlessly between both plant and animal-based sustenance. Interestingly, despite their distinctive black and white fur, pandas are born with pink skin and barely any hair. As they grow, the iconic black and white markings gradually appear, creating the unique and recognizable panda pattern we all adore. Composed almost entirely of…

Click hear to read the rest of the article:  Pandas: Fascinating, Curious, and Little-Known Wonders of the Animal Kingdom

Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in
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