10 Fun Summer Water Activities Perfect for a Preschool Party at Home

Fun Summer Water Activities

Fun Summer Water Activities

Summer is the perfect time to throw a fun and refreshing water themed party activities for preschoolers. With a few simple supplies, you can create a memorable and exciting event right in your backyard. Here are ten fantastic water activities that are sure to keep the little ones entertained and cool.

1. Cup to Cup Relay

Start with the Cup to Cup Relay. Set up two buckets—one filled with water and the other empty. Then, kids pass cups of water over their heads in a line to fill the empty bucket. For added excitement, try a blindfolded version! This game not only cools them off but also encourages teamwork and coordination.

2. Sponge Run

Next, introduce the Sponge Run. Place a full bucket at one end of the yard and an empty one at the other. Accordingly, kids transport water using sponges on their heads. Finally, this game will have them laughing and splashing as they try to keep the water in their sponges.

3. Toe Diving

For a quirky twist, try Toe Diving. Then, fill a kiddie pool with water and toss in toys like rings or rubber ducks. Consequently, players use their toes to fish out items within a time limit. Nevertheless, this activity combines water fun with a bit of a challenge, making it a hit among preschoolers.

4. Duck, Duck, Splash!

Another classic with a twist is Duck, Duck, Splash! Players walk around a circle, tipping water over the chosen player’s head instead of saying “Goose.” This watery version of the game adds a fun and refreshing element that kids love.

5. Water Balloon Piñata

Set up a Water Balloon Piñata. Hang water-filled balloons from a tree or clothesline. Then, blindfolded kids take turns hitting them with a Wiffle ball bat. Finally, the suspense and surprise of the water splash will keep the kids eager to play.

6. Water Limbo

Water Limbo is another fantastic activity. Set up a water stream from a hose or sprinkler. Kids take turns limbo dancing under it without getting wet! This game challenges their flexibility and coordination while keeping them cool.

7. Water Sensory Bin

For a more relaxed activity, create a Water Sensory Bin. Then, fill a large container with water and add random objects like sponges and plastic animals. Finally, kids can explore and play, engaging their senses and imagination in a calming way.

8. Bubble Party

Host a Bubble Party. Set up a bubble machine or prepare a container with bubble solution. Then, kids can chase and pop bubbles, create bubble art, or play bubble-catching games. Finally, this activity adds a magical touch to the party and provides endless entertainment.

9. Water Balloon Toss

A classic game, the Water Balloon Toss, is always a favorite. Pair up kids and have them toss water balloons back and forth without breaking them. Finally, as they step farther apart, the challenge and fun increase.

10. DIY Water Slide

Finally, set up a DIY Water Slide. Then, use a plastic tarp, soap, and a hose to create a homemade water slide. Kids can slide and splash down, enjoying a thrilling ride that will be the highlight of the party.


These ten water activities are perfect for creating a fun and memorable preschool party at home. They are simple to set up, require minimal supplies, and guarantee a day full of laughter and excitement. By incorporating these activities, you’ll provide the kids with a fantastic summer experience they’ll cherish. So, get ready to splash into fun and make this summer party one for the books!

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